The Boulevard Lake Dam is approximately 100 years old and is of concrete construction with a series of spillways and sluice gates, equipped with stop logs to manage water flow. 

The dam was originally constructed for the generation of and provision of hydroelectricity for streetcars in Port Arthur. The dam has also resulted in the creation of Boulevard Lake behind the dam and over time the lake has become a significant recreational feature within the City of Thunder Bay. Today, the lake is used for a variety of recreational activities including swimming.

Environmental assessment

The City initially undertook a Schedule B Class Environmental Assessment (Class EA) pursuant to the Municipal Class Environmental Assessment (MCEA) process. The Project File Report submitted in March 2015 was found to have a number of deficiencies and was the subject of two Part II Order Requests for a more detailed assessment. To address the deficiencies identified with the initial Schedule B assessment process, the City has chosen to restart the Environmental Assessment (EA) process as a Schedule C project.

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