The Renew Thunder Bay plan was a five-year incremental capital plan to better our quality of life and grow our economy through targeted and leveraged infrastructure investments.

Municipal infrastructure is important to the quality of life of every resident and business in Thunder Bay. Public Infrastructure is also critical to the competitiveness of our local economy and the delivery of cost-effective and efficient public services. Renew Thunder Bay was a five-year strategic infrastructure plan for investing an additional $130 million in Thunder Bay's infrastructure by the year 2014. The City of Thunder Bay's funding share of Renew Thunder Bay was estimated at approximately $40 million spread over five years.

Major projects/programs:

Legacy capital projects

  • Waterfront Development - Phase 2

Major capital projects

  • Thunder Bay Public Library Facility Renewal - New branch library - County Park
  • City-Wide Multi-use Trail System
  • Golf Links Road/Junot Ave Mixed Use Corridor - Multi-phased transportation upgrades

Multi-year capital programs

  • Recreation and Park Facility Renewal - Major Facility upgrades, revitalization, and replacements, etc.
  • Downtown/Mixed Use Areas Infrastructure Upgrades - Streetscaping, Street Furnishings, Public Art, etc.
  • Smart City Projects - Broadband connectivity upgrades City-wide WIFI, etc.
  • Green City Projects (Environmental) - Sustainable Energy Projects, Community Environmental Action Plan (CEAP) Initiatives, Urban Reforestation, Energy Management projects, etc.
  • Community Partnership Capital Projects - City capital contribution to community based projects.  



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