The Thunder Bay 55 Plus Centre Board of Directors elects its membership each year in March at the Annual General Meeting. If you are interested in becoming more involved with the Centre and would like to volunteer with the Board or its standing committees, please contact the Centre via telephone or email - 807-684-3066, - or speak with a current Board Director. 

Board of Directors

Current membership includes:

  • Judy Brown 
  • Irena Elms 
  • Penny Hunt
  • Joan Duke
  • Robert Lorkowski
  • Peg McGuinness 
  • Don Pawlett 
  • Susan Robinson 
  • Rick Siegfried 
  • Andrea de Laforest
  • Joan Cameron
  • Laurie Forbes


Purpose, Structure, and Operations of the Board

The Board will advise and assist the City of Thunder Bay's Recreation and Culture Division in the provision of programs and services to Thunder Bay participants through activities in the Centre.

The Board will review their by-laws, guidelines, and Centre policies annually. The guidelines may be changed by having the proposed change presented at one meeting and then ratified with a majority vote at the following meeting.

Board By-Laws, guidelines, and Centre policies will be placed in a policy binder at the main office. It will be available to anyone wishing to see it.

The Supervisor - Community Programs (Older Adults) will attend Board meetings as a non-voting member to act as a resource to the Board.

Board members must represent the best interests of the Centre as a whole and not only specific clubs or activities to which they belong.


The Board shall meet the second Thursday of every month, with the possible exception of July and August. Special meetings will be called according to the By-Laws. At all meetings, business shall be conducted in accordance with Robert's Rules of Order.

If a Board member misses three consecutive meetings without due cause, they may be asked to resign at the discretion of the Board.


Standing Committees of the Board

  1. Standing Committees are selected at the annual Board Orientation meeting.
  2. Each Standing Committee of the Board will be chaired by a Board member. Chairs will be selected at the first committee meeting unless the Chair has been pre-defined (i.e. Finance Committee).
  3. Committee chairs may recruit their committee members from participants of the Centre, as required by each committee. This does not apply to the following committees - Finance, By-Laws, and Standards/Discipline.
  4. Committees will try to set up a regular monthly meeting date and time (already have proposed times).
  5. Each Committee will appoint their own Secretary.
  6. Every effort should be made to forward a prepared report to the main office at least eight (8) days prior to the upcoming Board meeting for copying and inclusion in the Board package.
  7. Highlights of the Committee report will be reviewed at each Board meeting.
  8. Where applicable, operating manuals will be developed and updated by the Committee (i.e. Events, Grounds re: plants, etc.).
  9. Where applicable, an annual budget will be developed and submitted to the Treasurer in October for inclusion in the Board's annual budget.

Profile of a Board Member

  • Should possess a combination of knowledge, experience, and expertise related to recreation and leisure.
  • Should have a demonstrated interest in enhancing the quality of life through recreation services and programs, but not a highly vested interest.
  • Should be perceived by the community as being objective.
  • Should be willing to work with staff to enhance programs, services, and activities in the Centre.
  • Loyalty, reliability, responsibility, enthusiasm, performance, co-operation, mutual understanding, compromise, maintaining confidentiality, and quality of efforts are all dependent on the spirit of the Board. The Board must consciously seek these attributes. Factors which affect group spirit are:
    1. Each Board member accepts the other Board member with due appreciation of the other's strengths and a tolerance of the other's weaknesses.
    2. All members are involved in decision making.
    3. All contributions are recognized.

The attitude of the Board is forward looking, and there is a confident expectation of growth and development in the program.

  1. Responsibilities are clearly understood.
  2. There is good communication.
  3. There is a sense that the whole Board is more important than any of its parts.
  4. Due care is given to resolving dissent and discord.
  5. Board members share a clear understanding and commitment to the cause to which the Board serves.
  6. There is a personal satisfaction gained by all those who serve on the Board.

If you would like more information, please call the Centre's Main Switchboard at 807-684-3066.


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