Grace Ann Biggs Remus

Grace Ann Biggs Remus

Grace Ann Biggs Remus

  • Date of Birth: May 15th, 1911 in Pembroke, Ontario
  • Date of Death: January 25th, 1977 
  • Accomplishments related to: Municipal Politics, Community Activism, Healthcare Advocacy 
  • Major Affiliations: McKellar Hospital Ladies Auxiliary, City of Fort William Municipal Council, Thunder Bay City Council, Ontario Health Association, Lakehead Regional Conservation Authority, Thunder Bay Red Cross, Thunder Bay District Health Board 

Born on May 15th, 1911, in Pembroke, Ontario, Grace Ann Biggs Remus was born into a community and politically oriented family. Her father, George D. Biggs, previously served as the mayor of Pembroke, and from a young age she was exposed to political and community advocacy.

In 1942, Grace, with her husband and two sons, moved to Fort William, Ontario, now Thunder Bay, where she quickly embraced the community. After graduating as a nurse from Pembroke Cottage Hospital, she joined various health related community organizations, including the Thunder Bay District Health Board. Her work on the McKellar Hospital Ladies Auxiliary is especially noteworthy as she helped expand the hospital’s services across the region, grew the nursing residence, and increased the number of hospital beds.

Grace also shaped politics as she served on the Fort William City Council from 1968 to 1969 and the Thunder Bay City Council from 1970 to 1976. Through her time on City Council, she advocated for various issues, including health, housing, welfare and industry. Some of her work involved supporting the Chippewa Zoo and planning the implementation of a swimming program. Some further highlights are from her time with the Thunder Bay Red Cross, where she served as the Water Safety Committee Chairman.

Grace's time on City Council was important as she shaped community through her advocacy on various issues, such as women’s rights. As a woman in politics, Remus helped pave the way for more women to enter in what was, and still is, a male-dominated profession. She is remembered as a champion for the City of Thunder Bay and women in the region through her leadership in community organizations and the time she spent on City Council advocating for various issues.  

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