Traude Wedding

Photograph of Traude Wedding

Traude Wedding

  • Date of birth: February 1, 1931
  • Accomplishments related to: Education, Community Development, Women's Health, Environment, Arts
  • Major affiliations: Little Lion's Waldorf Daycare & Kindergarten, Downtown Business Men's Association, Fire, Earth and Fibre Artistic Group, Ontario Crafts Council, Thornhill Waldorf Teachers.

When Traude started Little Lions as a stand-alone child care centre, she not only was the driving force behind the project, she also donated her salary back to the centre. She was instrumental in raising funds from many organizations and businesses such as the Rotarian, the Lions Club, George's Market, and Ontario Trillium Foundation, and government sources as well, such as COMSOC and the Ministry of Mines. Her major contribution as a teacher was the development of a new course for the Family Studies Program (The Canadian Family in Perspective) at Lakeview High School.

Traude Wedding immigrated to Canada as a young wife and mother and held a variety of jobs before completing her BA BEd (Art and Psychology) at Lakehead University and her MA (Psychology and Fine Arts) at the University of Wisconsin. Traude taught Home Economics and Family Studies at Lakeview High School. As part of the Family Studies program that she developed, Traude started a small daycare which eventually grew into a full, independent child care centre based on the Waldorf philosophy. Traude was actively involved with the centre for more than 16 years. Thousands of children in Thunder Bay have reaped the benefit of Waldorf education in their early years due to the efforts of this remarkable woman.

During those years, Traude was also involved in many community projects connected with the arts. She published the Silversmithing Student Handbook and Northern Gnomes and People Stories. In 1981 she designed a plaque and textile prints for the Canada Games and the Creative Canada Art Collection. In 2000, Traude become involved with Brain Injury Services of Northern Ontario and she continues to be engaged in the care of her daughter-in-law. Traude has built an all-year-round greenhouse on her property which can serve as a model for others who want to live a sustainable lifestyle in the north.

Traude spends time in her garden and in the forest collecting plants which she turns into healing products such as salves, teas, tinctures, and health beverages. In 2015, at the age of 84, Traude embarked on a new project called Sanctuary@WomanHouse, where she intends to turn her home into a sanctuary for women in need of healing of mind, body and spirit. The energy of this dynamic woman is an inspiration to all women. She continues to make her mark on this community.

Traude Wedding and children

Photograph of Traude Wedding and Children.

Prepared by Marilyn Grudniski

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